Alabama Pipes and Drums

The Alabama Pipes and Drums is a local family oriented pipe band. Originally found under the name Birmingham Society of Piping in 1994. A high level of interest in the Celtic culture has made the band quite popular in Birmingham, AL and the south.

Recently there has been a growth and interest in the pipe band and solo piping and drumming scene in the south. Piping continues to be followed and enjoyed by admirers and followers of the Celtic traditions, culture and music. Although it is small interest it plays an important role in the ongoing Celtic, Scottish and Scots-Irish culture that has been emerging in the State.

The band focuses on educating the public about this ancient culture and its growth and emergence in Alabama as well as the southern states of the US.

The band is Led by Pipe Major Jim MacRae and Drum Sergeant Scott Bable. Jim MacRae former Pipe Major of Alabama Pipes and Drums as co-founded the Chicago Pipe Band Also, Jim has served as Piper and Pipe Major for several bands through the Midwest Pipe Band Association where he also served as an Associate Adjudicator. Jim has also performed many times at the World Pipe Band Championships with various bands from the Midwest. Scott Bable is the bands percussionist, composer and instructor. Scott is a  Bachelor of Music and a pipe band snare drummer. He is also the author of Drum Scores for Pipe Band Improvement Programs, which is an interesting read for anyone interested in learning more.

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